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About us

The vocation to beautify the objects that surround us gave birth to our company. Today, 40 years later, experience supports us in the application of graphic arts and plastic transformations in the technical and industrial field.

The commitment, perseverance, value for detail and appreciation of technological advances has allowed us to grow to offer a full range of services, from the most traditional processes such as screen printing or painting, to the latest applications such as laser technology.


Services performed at SamaColor facilities.

Flexible and Comprehensive Service

With the aim of constituting a global solution for our clients and adapted to their needs, we offer a flexible and comprehensive service. From large print runs to prototypes and pre-series with the added value of an ally in terms of the experience acquired. From the participation in the development and design of the product, the injection of the pieces, their decoration and transformation until the final assembly. Optimizing the interrelation of our services in order to minimize risks and costs.


Different sectors we work for


From SamaGrafic we give a quality, fast and flexible service to the automotive sector, a sector with continuous advances in processes and high quality demands.

Electrical components

Custom finishes for electrical components. Realization of small series without expensive investments.


The flexibility of our production lines allows us to adapt to the needs of specific sectors.


Within the health sector we are specialized in decorated piece with high quality finishes and high resistance, prepared for continuous use.


Our experience in different sectors allows us to collaborate with clients in the area of value-added marketing and advertising.

We work for the quality of its finishes. Contact us without commitment